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Welcome to our website!

  John, Lane and Mike Cammack are the owners and operators of Cammack Buffalo Ranch.   John's Great grandparents homesteaded the place. He hopes to pass it on to his kids someday.We strive each day to make the ranch ready for the future.

John's wife Melanie helps out with book work and fencing. The kids, Jayda (17) Rachel (16)  Taber (12) and  Shanni (8) would love to talk your ear off as we give you a tour of our ranch. We never get tired of sitting out in the pasture to watch the buffalo play, and would love for you to join us.

We specialize in high quality breeding animals and have always produced top quality meat. We also raise beef cows here on the ranch, but we only eat the buffalo because it tastes so much better. We hope you look through all our pages and get to know us better. 



The Cammack kids have put in a lot of hours building fence, turning our old farm ground into pastures. We have had a great hay crop his year due in part to the snow from last winter. The buffalo are doing great and having plenty of grass has been a blessing. 

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John Cammack

16800 Old Stoneville Rd

Stoneville, SD 57787


Email: bowhunter4life@goldenwest.net